Last month I created a semantic mediawiki for collecting electronics/manufacturing/open source hardware related information that has been asked answered (and is currentky difficult to retrieve again, due to facebook’s design, or due to just the sheer amount of digging that needs to be done), and which can be organized into a wiki.

The URL to the wiki is

It is hosted by referata, which I trust would do better hosting/be available for longer term than I would be able to keep up. Plus it allows easy export of data, so we are not locked into it’s service (owner is author of semantic mediawiki plugins I think). Only (tiny) downside is that it needs to have at least one change every 6 months, which will probably not be a problem.

Anyone can register an account and start adding content, some info on usage on the main page! You can also add your own project pages (maybe just external links to other sites/blogs where you have documented it).

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24 September 2016